The Central Oregon Coast Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) works locally to eliminate discrimination against women in all sectors of society, to assure access to reproductive health care, to eliminate domestic and sexual violence, and to promote equality and justice in our community. Members of Central Oregon Coast NOW are automatically members of the Oregon Chapter and the National Organization for Women.  Most of our members reside in Lincoln County, Oregon, but that is certainly not a requirement.  We welcome anyone to join us who is interested in achieving our goals.

The National Organization for Women (NOW)  is the largest feminist action organization in the United States.  NOW”S priority issues include:  Constitutional Equality Amendment, Reproductive Rights, Racism, Lesbian Rights, Violence Against Women, and Economic Justice.   The Central Oregon Coast NOW works locally to address these issues and others.

If you wish to support what we do your donations are greatly appreciated! Donate Button

To join, click here to join Central Oregon Coast NOW (local membership also includes membership to the state chapter and at the national level) or click “Membership Application” on the menu above.

For more information:  centraloregoncoastnow@gmail.com

Central Oregon Coast NOW wishes to acknowledge Women Supportive Businesses.  These are Lincoln County, Oregon businesses who have shown their support of women and girls by donating to Central Oregon Coast NOW.  Please support these businesses!

Next Meeting of Central Oregon Coast NOW, Tuesday, March 24 @ 6pm, Central Lincoln PUD,  Newport.  Author Lee Lynch will participate in the discussion of her book “The American Queer: The Amazon Trail”.



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  1. Good luck with your work. I helped to start a DV shelter in Pa. Worked there for many years. Now I blog about women’s issues. I think that young women need to understand their importance and equality. Hugs, Barbara

  2. Who is paying for the Fred Meyer gift certificates for the gun turn-in on January 17th? Is is being funded by FM themselves, or Ceasefire, or NOW, or a combination? Curious…

    Thanks, and happy new year!


    • I just received this message from Ceasefire: “Just to clarify, this is not about someone taking guns from anyone involuntarily. The co-sponsors are providing a community service. The voluntary Turn-In of Unwanted Firearms is intended to help people who have guns, but no longer want them for whatever reason. (No Questions Asked.) Participants who choose to turn in their guns, rather than sell them privately, want the to gun be melted down and permanently removed from circulation.

      To support this decision, our local Central Coast Ceasefire Oregon chapter has purchased Gift Cards for participants. No Gift Cards were donated. In the future, we would prefer to work with local merchants who are willing to match the value of Gift Cards we purchase. We would also welcome more co-sponsors. That is the spirit of community this event is intended to encourage.”

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