In 2002 NOW named Walmart a “Merchant of Shame”. Nel Ward’s article is only an example of one of the many reasons that NOW is demanding changes in Walmart’s unfair practices.

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Over 101 years ago 129 women and 17 men died when the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory caught fire in New York City. The youngest to be killed in this disaster was 11-year-old Mary Goldstein. Managers had locked the doors to stairwells and exits to stop stealing and keep the workers from taking unauthorized breaks. As a result, many of the deaths came from people jumping from the eighth, ninth, and tenth floors to the concrete streets below.

Because of the outcry from this tragic event, legislation created improved factory safety standards. Nothing like this happened again in the United States. The fire also spurred the growth of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union that fought for better working conditions. After 146 people died in this fire, government could not avoid creating laws to protect workers. The New York legislature passed the first laws, and other states in the country followed. Unions…

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Fundraiser for TransActive

Next Sunday, Dec. 2, TransActive (a wonderful organization that supports transgender and gender nonconforming kids & their families) is having a fundraiser in Portland.  Tickets are only $15 if purchased in advance.  It would be great to have

 a group from the coast go.  Speakers are Dr. Wayne Maines (teacher, activist, parent of transgender teen) and Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown.  Send an email to if you’d like to go.

Call For Nominations: Hero and Bigot of the Year.

Call For Nominations: Hero and Bigot of the Year..

Michael Hulshof-Schmidt, writer of the blog The Solipsistic Me,  in this reblogged “Call For Nominations…” is asking for nominations for Hero and Bigot of the Year Award.  Vote for who you think should be the winners here under comments and your votes will be forwarded to Michael.

Boycott Walmart

Please Boycott Walmart Thanksgiving Weekend. Support the Walmart employees by showing Walmart you do not support the way they treat their employees! If your local Walmart is having a protest event support it!

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Thanksgiving Day is just a few days away, complete with the variety of emotional responses that it brings every year. Some people are depressed because they have lost loved ones; others try to figure out how they can eat non-stop. I have a wonderful vegan friend who mourns the turkey holocaust at Thanksgiving.

To many people, however, Thanksgiving means a shopping glut. Black Friday, named for the day that takes businesses out of the red, has now moved into Thursday, as early as 8:00 am that day for some retailers. This year, however, it might mean a continuing strike for thousands of Walmart employees who are fed up with low wages, erratic hours, lack of health benefits, and disrespect in the workplace while the multi-billionaire Walton Family enjoys tax breaks and praise for “job creation.”

Walmart workers in factories and warehouses and retail stores plan a massive walkout on Friday…

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Black Friday Creep Costs Retail Workers Their Thanksgiving

Black Friday Creep Costs Retail Workers Their Thanksgiving

via Black Friday Creep Costs Retail Workers Their Thanksgiving.

Something easy for all of you to do – PLEASE show retailers that starting Black Friday Thanksgiving Evening is not profitable and only causes their low wage employees to lose precious time with their families.  You can wait to start your shopping until 8 a.m. or so tomorrow.  Boycott stores for the 17 hours between 3 p.m. today and 8 a.m. tomorrow.