Search for Blame in VA Debacle

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The conservative media has brought a strong message to their listeners that the problems in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are unique. Yet Omar Bradley chaired a presidential commission almost sixty years ago that lambasted the VA for its “backward-looking” management style and urged “more positive leadership.”  A 1993 Blue Ribbon Panel declared that wait times were “unacceptable” and a backlog “created additional and unacceptable delays” for veterans. Former Sen. Robert Dole (R-KS) and former Secretary of Health and Human Services headed a 2007 panel concluding that the department’s problems ran so deep that “merely patching the system, as has been done in the past” wasn’t enough.

Eric Shinseki, who resigned today as Secretary of the VA, made one serious mistake: he believed that the people in the VA are honorable. Shinseki came up through the ranks in a culture that prized honesty. As Robert H. Scales, a…

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Let’s Stand Up and Be Counted for Equal Rights

Let's Stand Up and Be Counted for Equal Rights

By Elleanor Chin of Portland, Oregon. Elleanor is a Board member of Family Forward Oregon and the Oregon chapter of the National Organization for Women. She is an attorney, writer, mother and gardener.

If you’re on Hawthorne Street in Portland, or near Powells on Burnside, or downtown these days, you’re pretty likely to be hit up by signature gatherers for ballot measures. Yesterday I was approached for the GMO labeling measure (twice) and a marijuana legalization measure (and learned there are three different signature campaigns relating to marijuana legalization). There is a July deadline for signatures for the November election and besides, it’s spring in Oregon!

I wasn’t approached yesterday by someone asking for signatures for the Oregon Equal Rights Amendment measure, but I have been, at least three times recently. Each time it makes me happy and each time I say, “already signed!”

In Oregon, in 2014, we have a particular opportunity to stand up and be counted when it comes to treatment of gender under the law. There is an active campaign to put an Equal Rights Amendment to the Oregon Constitution on the November ballot. The Oregon ERA would amend the Oregon Constitution to specifically ban discriminatory treatment on the basis of gender. Currently neither the federal nor state constitutions offer explicit protection against gender discrimination.

The opportunity comes during a rare major public discussion of women’s experience of misogyny in daily life, sparked by the May 23 mass murder in Isla Vista California, in which the killer provided 100+ page statement and at least one video detailing his personal history and frustrations, including rage, sexual frustration and resentment directed towards women. The Twitter campaign #YesAllWomen developed in response to a social media thread arguing that “not all men” are violent and misogynistic. The YesAllWomen hashtag trended all weekend and included numerous women describing their experiences of sexual harassment, job discrimination, sexual assault.

A constitutional amendment banning discrimination on the basis of gender not only offers women protection from unfair treatment in work and school, but it is a statewide policy statement that Oregonians do not believe that people should be subject to invidious distinction on the basis of gender. It also forces some confrontation of the impact and nature of individual discriminatory acts. Constitutional anti-discrimination protection does not prevent misogyny or individual acts of violence or change minds any more than the Fourteenth Amendment ended racism, but it narrows the opportunities for formal, institutionalized acts of discrimination, and provides opportunities for redress.

Oregon has also been part of the “Equal Rites” movement recently, with Judge Michael McShane’s marriage equality decision on May 19. We have momentum for equality in Oregon so sign a ballot petition today. You don’t have to go looking for someone out on the sidewalk, an individual petition is available at Sign it and mail it and tell your fellow voters. – See more at:

Girls Blamed for Boy’s ‘Distraction’

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When Michele Obama’s arms were exposed at the Oscar ceremony over a year ago, an Iranian news agency changed her photograph by adding sleeves and raising the neckline as shown below.

85th Annual Academy Awards - ShowMichele O. 2 Obama fared better than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and another woman who were removed from the iconic photographs of leaders watching the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The Brooklyn-based Hasidic newspaper Der Tzitung said they had taken the women out of the photograph for religious purposes, citing “laws of modesty.”


Now a Utah high school in Heber, about 50 miles outside Salt Lake City, has joined the photoshopping business. Several teenage girls were surprised and upset when they opened their yearbooks and found the same thing that happened to Michele Obama in the Iranian news. The district ordered sleeves added and necklines raised, despite the fact that all the clothing in the original photos met the…

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INEQUALITY FOR ALL with ROBERT REICH! Saturday, June 7 @ 11 am @ Bijou Theater, Lincoln City

INEQUALITY FOR ALL with ROBERT REICH!  Saturday, June 7 @ 11 am @ Bijou Theater, Lincoln City

There will be an audience discussion following the film led by Jason Gettel, Policy Analyst with the Oregon Center for Public Policy.
Seating is limited. Suggested Donation $8. Buy Now Button

One day…. Look What Was Found in the Mailbox Amidst a Ton of ERA Signatures!

One day.... Look What Was Found in the Mailbox Amidst a Ton of ERA Signatures!

What a day it was when I went to the mailbox to pick up more of our signatures from people all over the state…I especially love the ones from my hometown Coos Bay!

Regardless of your political preferences….this note isn’t about our initiative…this note reminds us that the work for women’s equality in general is not done…not even in America.
We are simply part of a very large group of people who have for so long tried to provide women’s equality through the Equal Rights Amendment.

The ERA has been introduced in Congress for 91 years…through the roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, wars, man’s first walk on the moon, 911 and we continue today. The majority of our own Oregon Congressional delegation is sponsoring ERA bills today!

Twenty-two states have a state ERA…with your help Oregon will be next!

As Alice Paul said ‘Equality is not complicated.”

When Hillary was in Portland, she was asked about the Oregon ERA initiative and she said it will have impact beyond it’s borders.

The Nation magazine profiled our initiative on Jan. 1, 2014 along with their top 5 goals for America…the ERA was one of them.

Thank you to so many of you who are truly leaders!
Let’s do the right thing and place the ERA in the Oregon constitution!

Thank you so much for your support, Leanne and Team
Please visit us at | 503-989-1810 | |
25 NW 23rd Place, Suite 6
PMB 482
Portland, OR 97210

Abramson ‘Difficult,’ Baquet ‘Cooperative’

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Jill Abramson is no longer the executive editor of The New York Times. People started out saying that she was fired because she hired a lawyer after she discovered that she received a far lower salary than her predecessor and then moved into the gossip level that she was “difficult.” They didn’t even directly call her the sexist term “bitch.” Now we have that nice Dean Baquet to decide what we get to read in the newspaper that was known in the past as “liberal.”

Last weekend, he buried an important piece by Gretchen Morgenson on types of private equity fee abuses called  “The Deal’s Done. But Not the Fees.” Her piece follows the Wall Street Journal expose of new fee abuses, including pay for services that were never rendered.

Investors in these funds, limited partners, have pushed back against the private equity firms, general partners. The fee abuse is…

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NOW members with Elizabeth Warren!

NOW members with Elizabeth Warren!

Central Oregon Coast NOW members Monica Kirk and Robin Hochtritt celebrated Monica’s birthday by having lunch with Elizabeth Warren! They also have signed copies of her book, A FIGHTING CHANCE, which will be discussed at the June 16 NOW meeting. We can all be jealous!