Mainstream Media Ignores Trump Issues

Nel's New Day

According to Nate Silver, excellent prognosticator of elections, Donald Trump is winning the election. Minorities, women, poor people, and liberal whites are all in danger if the GOP dominates the nation. While the GOP, Bernie Sanders’ supporters, and the media spread falsehoods about Hillary Clinton, this less-publicized factual information paints a grim picture of the man who could be president at this time next year.

Russia: The researchers at ThreatConnect traced the recently hacked emails from the DNC to bureaucrats from the propaganda arm of the Russian government in Vladimir Putin’s connection to Trump. As Trump’s debt grows, he fails to get loans from U.S. banks and turned to wealthy Russians associated with Putin. Trump and his family members count on Russian investors to put up the money for their properties throughout the world, and an election for Trump could mean that he might attain his dream of a Trump…

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