#DNCinPHL:Day 5 2nd attempt

Civil Rights Advocacy

Something just happened to my draft blog. I just los everything from 10 am until 6:30 pm. I’ll post the picture I took later but all of the text is gone!

This morning, my credentials were once again unavailable. Mitch Kates, PA’s Political Director of the Pa Democratic Party, once again scrambled and found a delegate pass for me by 12:30 today; I picked then up and headed to the Wells Fargo Center at 2 pm.

On the Convention Floor

So first,I just got a selfie with Madeline Albright!

Picture of Madeline Albright and Joanne Tosti-Vasey Madeline Albright and me!

These are not all of the speakers, just highlights of the ones that started speaking after 6:30 pm. To make sure I don’t lose this again, I’m publishing this as I add new content. So please keep coming back. Thanks.

The Women of the US Senate

Picture of the women members of the US Senate The women members of the US Senate

Barbara Mikulski – MD…

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