Thanksgiving Letter to the Family 2016

Love Margaret & Helen. This time it is Helen whose Thanksgiving reminders to her family is a gem.

Margaret and Helen

Dear Family,

I look forward to seeing you all for Thanksgiving.  This will be my last Thanksgiving as the head cook and bottle washer.  Next year, God willing, I will sit back and relax while the next generation takes the lead.  Until then, you’re going to have to humor me one last time.

As always you can leave your electronic devices in the basket by the door and I suggest you do the same with your political opinions.  My turkey has both white and dark meat.  That means at my table you can be someone who voted for Donald Trump but you do not need to be someone who acts like Donald Trump.   If you don’t heed my warning, you’ll get the store-bought pies Gertrude brings rather than my homemade ones.

This year I learned that it takes all kinds.  For that reason, I am broadening my horizons and opening…

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