U.S. Military Waste

Nel's New Day

The government is wasting its money on education and “entitlements,” cry the conservatives while they wring their hands about the failure of Social Security and Medicare to pay for itself. At the same time, Congress just passed a $619 billion budget for “defense,” up from $602 billion last year. That’s over one-third of the government’s “discretionary” funds. Their excuse is that the United States has to protect itself—maybe more valid now that President-elect Donald Trump (DT) is “shaking up” relationships with foreign countries such as China (aka alienating them).

An internal study obtained by the Washington Post shows $125 billion within five years in waste within the military. The annual $25 billion waste is more than this year’s budget increase. The $125 billion savings could come from early retirement and modernization of systems. The Pentagon spends almost one-fourth of its budget on overhead and core business operations such…

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