Bob Zybach & Janet Meranda present The Story of Letitia Carson in Oregon, 1845-1888


February 28 Central Oregon Coast NOW Meeting

Bob Zybach & Janet Meranda present The Story of Letitia Carson in Oregon, 1845-1888 Tuesday, February 28 6:00 p.m. Newport High School Boone Center (Newport High library)-sponsored by the Newport Public Library Foundation and Central Oregon Coast NOW Foundation.

In recognition of Black History Month and Women’s History Month, Dr. Bob Zybach and Jan Meranda will share their research about Letitia Carson.

Letitia was a former slave who moved to Oregon with her white husband, Dave in 1845. After Dave died in 1852, their land was taken from her by Greenberry Smith, a wealthy white landowner. Letitia’s story is significant because she fought for years to regain her property, and eventually won, becoming the first black woman to make a successful homestead claim in the Pacific Northwest. Her story was the inspiration for Jane Kirkpatrick’s novel A Light in the Wilderness, and Jan Meranda’s recent biography, Freedom’s Light: The Letitia Carson Story Begins.

How the Hyde Amendment and H.R. 7 Punish America’s Poor Women

A new bill will extend restrictions on access to abortion that low-income women on Medicaid have dealt with for the past 40 years to all American women.

Source: How the Hyde Amendment and H.R. 7 Punish America’s Poor Women

Reuters’ Answer to Trump’s ‘War on the Press’

Nel's New Day

trump-dictatorDictator Donald Trump (DDT) has accelerated his authoritarian regime by targeting CNN as the first news network for retribution. According to the White House, it will no longer allow its people to appear on that network and stated that it is “sending surrogates to places where we think it makes sense to promote our agenda.” To the current administration, the purpose of news is to “promote” its “agenda.”

Reuters is clarifying to its reporters how its news agency will cover “President Trump.” Reuters Editor-in-Chief Steve Adler wrote the following directive:

The first 12 days of the Trump presidency (yes, that’s all it’s been!) have been memorable for all – and especially challenging for us in the news business. It’s not every day that a U.S. president calls journalists “among the most dishonest human beings on earth” or that his chief strategist dubs the media “the opposition party.” It’s hardly surprising…

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It will take 170 years for women to be equal to men — unless some things change, study says – The Washington Post

In 74 countries, things have gotten worse economically since last year, according to the Global Gender Gap study from the World Economic Forum. But other areas show improvement.

Source: It will take 170 years for women to be equal to men — unless some things change, study says – The Washington Post

Something Positive from the first days of Trump

Here are some positive results from the events of the last two weeks. Copy and pasted from a friend.
For everyone who DID something, small or big, your efforts have been successful. Because of you:

  1. Federal hiring freeze is reversed for VA (Veteran Affairs).
    2. Court order partial stay of the immigration ban for those with valid visas.
    3. Green card holders can get back in country.
    4. Uber pledges $3M and immigration lawyers for its drivers after#DeleteUbertrends on Twitter.
    5. Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) enrollment ads are still going to air.
    6. The ACLU raised 24M over the weekend (normally 3-4Mil/year).
    7. HHS, EPA, USDA gag order lifted.
    8. EPA climate data no longer scrubbed from website.
    9. More people of different career/religious/economic/race backgrounds are considering running for political office than ever before.
    10. MOST importantly, since we live in a participatory democracy, the people are engaged.

While more is needed, sometimes you have to celebrate your wins. Stay vigilant, but also take self-care seriously. Activist burnout is a thing. Marathon, don’t sprint. #resist
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