Senate Silences Woman, Allows Men to Talk

Nel's New Day

The past three weeks have seen The U.S. Senate sink farther and farther into degradation, even changing their rules in order to meet without any Democrats present for presidential nominee conformations. Their purpose was to push through racist, sexist Trump nominees who lied on their applications, omitted salient information, used power in Senate to make money from purchasing stocks, employed an undocumented worker, physically assaulted his wife, was convicted of lying to Congress, clearly demonstrated incompetence for the nominated position, and much more. The bar is so low for approving a nominee that the new Secretary of Education received only 50 percent of the Senate vote, not even a passing grade in the schools that she will supervise.

Republicans are a long way from being “the party of Lincoln.” Early in his career, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) interned for another Kentucky senator, Sen. John Sherman Cooper, a liberal Republican who championed…

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